Over the years, many air purifier brands have been introduced to the market due to poor indoor air quality. But, with so many options, picking the best air purifier is a difficult decision.

We realized that people don’t have time to research or compare the product. We did the research on your behalf by doing homework on what a buyer looks for in an air purifier in terms of specifications and benefits.

All you have to do is stick through the end of this blog to figure out the final decision. For your convenience, we have singled out the top 10 best brands for air purifiers that you can consider for your home in 2022.

1. COSMO Air Purifiers

Cosmo air purifier uses advanced technology, consisting of 3 in 1 pre-filter, the HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to provide fresh, clean, and long-lasting purified air. 

Many satisfied Malaysian customers review this as Malaysia’s top brand air purifier. It cleans pet dander, bad odour, pollen, smoke, and viruses from the room air. You can use a smartphone to control Cosmo air purifiers, it has a child lock and auto shut off feature. Perfect for people who are sound sensitive as this air purifier operates silently.

Specs of COSMO Products:

  • PM 2.5 counter
  • 5-year product guarantee 
  • Night light and healthy ion Toggle
  • Covers up to 80m² area
  • Utilises HEPA filters to wipe out 99.97% of particles.

2. Carrier Air Purifiers 

Carrier, a company founded in the name of Willis Carrier (inventor of Air conditioners), is working every day to provide personal comfort to the global community. The company has been helping homeowners manufacture heating and cooling technology for over 100 years now.

With over a dozen products, Carrier’sCarrier’s thermostat systems, air conditioners, and air cleaners perform exceptionally well in the market. 

Specs of Carrier Products:

  • Uses Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MEVR) from the 1 to 16 range to clean air.
  • Filters out 99% of air pollutants, dust, mould, and pollens with an effective HVAC system
  • Covers the size range of 1 to 3-meter area. 
  • Adjusts fan speeds as needed automatically.

3. Levoit Air Purifiers 

Levoit is a subsidiary of Vesync Co home appliance company in the United States, founded in 2012. Asia, South America, Europe, and the countries by the border are Levoit’s main business demographic. It has a range of feature-full air purifiers to fit varying user needs.

Specs of Levoit Products: 

  • HEPA air purifier 
  • VortexAir technology offers air circulation in all directions 
  • Built-in timers and voice control
  • WiFi connection
  • Sleep mode
  • App control

4. Xiaomi Air Purifiers

Xiaomi air purifier is a smart home appliance, and it can be connected with smartphones that allows you to control it. The device has a smart design that seamlessly blends with your modern home interior. It has a three-layered HEPA filter technology. Backed by a powerful air duct system that can deliver 6,330 litres of purified air per minute.

Specs of Xiaomi Products:

  • Smart function with voice recognition
  • Smart sensor with automatic adjustment
  • 360° cylindrical 3-layered HEPA filter

5. Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell is a recognized thermostat company in the technology industry. The company has progressed from heat controllers but now offers humidifiers and cleaners and a dozen product varieties. The air purifiers by Honeywell are available in almost all sizes, so users have more comfort in picking their product. 

Specs of Honeywell Products:

  • Intense Field Dielectric (IFD) filters with no changing but maintenance.
  • HEPA filters with anti-microbial coats.
  • Four stages of filtration to capture the smallest particles.
  • Remote and WiFi-controlled smart devices.
  • Specific app to connect with Honeywell air purifiers.

6. Dyson Purifiers

Dyson air purifiers use cool air technology to blow cool air into your room; this helps you in save bucks for the air conditioner. Its sensory feature can monitor the room’s air quality and then adjust the settings accordingly to clean the room air.

Specs of Dyson Products:

  • Blows cool air at 77 gallons per second
  • Smart sensor to monitor indoor air quality
  • HEPA filter technology
  • Smartphone app accessible

7. Blueair Air Purifiers

Blue air purifier uses HEPA silent technology, effectively capturing airborne particles as tiny as possible, like 0.1 microns in size. It poses an ionizer function that ionizes the harmful small particles too little to get into the filter. 

Specs of Blueair Products:

  • Comes in three sizes 26mᒾ, 40mᒾ, and 72mᒾ room size.
  • LED panel indicator
  • Smartphone controlled

8. Sharp Air Purifiers

Sharp air purifiers are common and affordable in Malaysia; they are most likely suitable for compact and small rooms up to 23m². Sharp air purifiers have built-in powerful air suction technology that traps all the moulds, dust, allergens, and static electricity.

The sharp air purifier uses plasma cluster ion technology to remove any toxic particles in indoor air quality. It features a mosquito catcher function that traps mosquitoes through insecticide-free glue sheets. You don’t have to spray harmful chemical mosquito repellents in our indoor air.

Specs of Sharp Air’s Products: 

  • Powerful haze mode that collects haze particles
  • Air suction technology and HEPA filter.
  • Size friendly
  • Ionizer function
  • Mosquito catcher
  • HEPA filter technology

9. Samsung Air Purifiers

Samsung is a credible tech brand making a boom in the IT industry with portable devices like AX50K5050WD air purifiers. The device features virus doctor technology and a four-step purification process that ensures the air you breathe is clean. 

Specs of Samsung’s Products:

  • Power fan – 3-dimensional airflow.
  • High Clean Area Delivery Rate.
  • Filters out 99% fine dust particles. 
  • Double smart sensor 
  • Displays the dust and contaminants in real-time for better cleaning

10. Coway Air Purifiers

Coway is a well-known brand in the air purifying industry mainly because of its hyperactive filtration process that other brands may lack. The company offers all kinds of home appliances, from mattresses to body care products such as Bidetmega, water, and air purifiers. 

Specs of Coway Products:

  • Hyperactive filtration captures the smallest dust or pollen particles.
  • Lab-tested GreenHEPA technology to make the air eco-friendly.
  • Many certifications include allergy friendliness, low noise, sustainability, and more.


Air purifiers are smart devices that help you improve your life quality and protect your families from deadly, contagious viruses. Most of the devices cover a good distance for protection. We hope that you have concluded after reading this article! A good and reliable starting air purifier would be Cosmo’s Air Purifier.

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