Clean air is not something we can take as a given; it is not something we can take for granted, even in our homes. It isn’t possible to imagine life without breathing. We spend about 90% of our time indoors, where the air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors. Polluted air can ignite asthma and allergy symptoms and even cause respiratory diseases in children and adults from the root. This contaminated air can affect children’s brains and lungs very badly because these organs are developing and cannot resist harmful substances at an early age.

Poor air quality in offices is caused by dust and volatile organic compound (VOCs). These VOCs can be found in paints and flooring as well as in deodorant and surface cleaners. Dry cleaning and new carpeting are also major contributors. Office workers suffer from the worst of both worlds when exposed to pollen, traffic fumes, and other industrial emissions.

BlueAir was founded on the belief that freedom to breathe is an essential human right. Blueair’s award-winning air purifiers were still made in Sweden to provide the best environment. In this article, we have reviewed the BlueAir air purifiers. Is it worth the buy or not? BlueAir has categorized its air purifiers according to speciality and purposes; various models are in a single category.

Health protectProBlueSense+CabinClassic
  Blue 3210Graphite Black Classic 205
Health protect™ 7740iPro LBlue 3410Leaf GreenCabin P1Classic 290i
 Pro XLBlue 3610Ruby Red Classic 405
Health protect™ 7770iPro MBlue Pure 411Midnight BlueCabin P2iClassic 690i
  Blue Pure 611Warm Grey Classic 490i

HEPASilent Ultra™ Technology

BlueAir air purifiers come with special HEPASilent Ultra™ Technology combining two filtration technologies. This results in cleaning the air at a faster pace and produces less noise that uses less energy than a lightbulb. The filter can stick to smaller particles by giving them a negative charge carried by airborne particles. While on the other hand, ordinary filters just block the macro particle and get choked after some time. Larger particles get caught in the filter mesh that is placed upside down on the active carbon filter.

This unique combination of two filtration technologies effectively removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, trapping even the smallest viruses and microplastics in addition to dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria and smoke. Activated carbon in our filters then removes odours, gases, and VOCs.

The charged particles stick better to filters, so we can use light filters that require less pressure to move air through. BlueAir Air Purifiers can produce cleaner air at lower fan speeds. This makes them quieter and more efficient.

Smart Filters

Along with HEPASilent Ultra™ Technology, BlueAir purifiers come with two more filters to accurately cleanse the air.

Particle filter

This filter is responsible for trapping large particles, pet hair, insects, etc. In the blue series, these Particle filters are wearable to air purifiers from the outside, and there are various colours available in this filter. You can change the colour of the filter to match your wall’s colour or your mode.

Active carbon filter

An active carbon filter contains a fine powdered form of carbon that grabs harmful gases, foul odours, and charged particles to pass through it. This filter also adds a pleasant fragrance to the atmosphere as bad small can cause severe headaches.

Operational modes

Auto mode

The auto mode makes the air purifier smart in itself; it detects the quality of air and the environment with the help of its sensors and adjusts the setting according to it.

Three fan speeds

BlueAir air purifiers have three-speed manually adjustable fan speeds; you can set the fan’s speed according to the environment and your mode.

Night Mode

Night mode decreases the fan speed by automatically detecting the low light; low fan speed means a quiet environment and less noise, which helps you get uninterrupted and refreshing sleep.

Air quality indicators

BlueAir air purifiers come with built-in air quality detection sensors that measure air quality continuously. It helps you monitor the air purifier’s performance; in a few models, there is an LED display that displays the air quality in terms of percentage, while some indicate different colours of LED lights. You can also watch the indoor air quality on BlueAir mobile App.


BLUE: mediocre

RED: Bad


BlueAir purifiers are equipped with multiple sensors that enhance their working capabilities.

  • PM 2.5 Sensor

The PM 2.5 sensor counts and detects particles using light scattering. When air flows through the chamber, particles pass a laser beam that is scattered onto the particles.

  • VOC Sensor

The VOC sensor measures the ambient concentrations of various “reducing gases” that are associated with poor air quality.

  • Light Sensor

These air purifiers have a light sensor that automatically detects the brightness of the light in the room and automatically enables the night mode when the brightness level goes down.

Voice Control        

Alexa voice control can operate BlueAir purifiers. You can control the fan speeds; even you can change the operational modes of the purifier with a voice command. It also helps you turn ON/OFF the air purifier remotely.

Smart Application

These air purifiers are Wi-Fi enabled; you can easily connect them to BlueAir mobile application. This application allows you to take over the controls of air purifiers; you can monitor the air quality, turn it ON/OFF, change the modes, watch the working of sensors, etc. BlueAir mobile application is available for free just download it and connect it with your device through Wi-Fi.

Filter change Indication

BlueAir Air purifiers alert you when the filter is needed to be changed. A filter change indicator light illuminates when the filter needs to be replaced. Moreover, if you are using the mobile application, it also gives you an alert to change the filter on your phone.

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