We all know that the air in our surroundings is not exactly good for breathing. It contains harmful gases like Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur, and Ozone mixed with several other contaminants detrimental to our respiratory organs. The smoke, sook, and smog we take in damage our lungs and heart and cause them to break down or even be non-functional.

Cars have become an essential part of our lives nowadays; we use them while going to the office, going to the shopping mall, enjoying the weekend at some picnic spot, and much more. Did you know? According to a study, an average man spends almost 8 hours a week holding behind the wheel; moreover, if the person is a truck driver or taxi driver, he might have to spend more than 12 hours a day in his vehicle.

When you are sitting in your car without an air purifier, it is comparable to sitting in a compact capsule with unhealthy air and nasty contaminants like dust and smoke. Having an air purifier in your car is the only way to get rid of foul odours, polluted air, and harmful bacteria. We have sorted the Best 5 Car Air Purifiers you should buy these days, considering their performance, price, and maintenance cost. Here is the list of the Best 5 Car Air Purifiers you can buy; let’s find out their specifications, prices, pros, and cons.

  • Philips car air purifier GoPure GP5212
  • Sharp Ion Generator IG-GC2B-B
  • Blaupunkt AIR PURE AP 1.1
  • Baseus Car Air Purifier
  • Panasonic F-GPT01 Portable NanoeX Car

Philips car air purifier GoPure GP5212

The Philips GoPure GP5212 is cord powered air purifier designed to be placed anywhere inside the car, whether on the dashboard, centre console box, headrest, or under the seats. Philips claims that it makes the air clean and fresh by removing more than 100 pollutants, including bacteria, smoke, foul odour, and other contagious gases. It can be powered by a 12V DC output socket or Cigarette lighter port. This air purifier has two levels of fan speed (Boost & Silent); additionally, it comes with two types of filtration technologies. The first one is the HESA filter, which eliminates the harmful gases and foul odour from your car, and the second one is the HEPA filter which makes sure to clean the air from dust particles, bacteria, and viruses up to 0.015 microns. Its price is around RM800.

Key features

  • Filter change indicator
  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • Good filter lifetime
  • HESA & HEPA filters

Sharp Ion Generator IG-GC2B-B

Sharp Ion Generator IG-GC2B-B is a portable air purifier that can be powered by a simple USB port. It comes along with HEPA technology, which makes it highly efficient and reliable. HEPA filters are the best filters as they can even block minor dust particles. It is capable of removing foul odours, harmful bacteria, and viruses from the air. Sharp air purifiers also have sharp plasma cluster Ion technology, which releases the positive and negative ions in the air. These ions get attached to the air molecules, which helps attract the airborne particles. It also comes along with three fan speeds (low, Turbo, and high); in the turbo mode, it speeds up the performance, which may cause an increase in noise, while in the low mode, it produces less noise but performs slowly.

Key features

  • USB powered
  • Three-level fan speed
  • Can be placed in Cupholder
  • Plasma cluster Ion technology

Blaupunkt AIR PURE AP 1.1

Blaupunkt air purifier AP 1.1 is another lightweight and convenient car air purifier with three steps of filtering technology. This air purifier comes with a built-in LED air quality indicator; Blue light indicates Good air quality, Green light means Average Air Quality, and Red light shows Bad air quality. Air pure 1.1 uses 3 layers of filtration; the first layer is a pre-filter it blocks dust particles and macro contaminants. The second layer is a HEPA filter which eliminates bacteria, viruses, and harmful gases; additionally, it makes the air refreshing. The third and last layer is the Carbon filter; this carbon filter is made of small pieces of carbon in the form of a powdered block that traps hazardous compounds and allergens such as dust mites, smoke, danders, and even moulds. This purifier also has a UV germicidal lamp it produces UV light waves to kill all bacteria around you.

Key features

  • Touch Screen
  • Air Quality indicators
  • Filter change indicator
  • UV germicidal lamp

Baseus Car Air Purifier

Baseus air purifier is one of the budget-friendly and compact air cleaners that can be placed in your car’s cup holder. It works as an air purifier as well as a humidifier. Its alloy design makes it sleek and provides better durability. It makes the air fresh by eliminating the bad odours, bacteria, and contagious gases. The fragrance is the biggest game of this air purifier; it gives a long-lasting aroma. This purifier also works as an air humidifier; when you are driving in a hot environment, it helps in adding moisture to the air. It costs around MYR148, and it is safe for babies and pregnant women because it uses 100% natural fragrance.

Key features

  • Natural aroma with 0 alcohol
  • Alloy built
  • Sterilization function
  • Portable, no need to fix

Panasonic F-GPT01 Portable NanoeX Car

Panasonic F-GPT01 Portable NanoeX Car is a USB-powered car air purifier available in two attractive colours; red and black. It is a lightweight and mobile air purifier which you can place in your car’s cup holder. It is equipped with Panasonic Unique nanoe™X Technology which is very effective on pathogens and foul odours; this technology kills almost 99% of viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. The weakly acidic nature of nanoe™X attaches to sebum and forms membranes on the skin, which restores moisture. nanoe™X technology can reduce very strong cigarette smoke odour to hardly noticeable in only an hour. The retail price of this air purifier is RM599.

Key features

  • nanoe™X Technology
  • COVID-19 virus killing
  • Convenient Connection
  • Hydrate Skin and Hair

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