Coway Air Purifier vs Cosmo Air Purifier –  Which is Better?

Comparing the biggest differences between Coway and Cosmo’s Air Purifiers

The truth about Coway air purifiers and how they stack up against Cosmo air purifiers. Coway has been around for the last 32 years. But have they stopped innovating? Here, we’ll take a closer look at how they stack up against COSMO air purifiers.

It’s important to look at all aspects when deciding on your perfect air purifier because once you commit to it, you’re committing to your long-term health. Here are a few things we’ll take into consideration…

1. Price.

Coway has several air purifiers at different price points, ranging from the more affordable RM2,400 to premium air purifiers that cost RM4,240. In contrast, COSMO is sold at RM1,299. In terms of price COSMO is much more affordable than Coway. In the price category, Cosmo Wins.

2. Mode & Functionality.

When it comes to filters, the most important aspect of the air purifier, isn’t the amount of layers the filter has but the quality of filter. More importantly, it’s crucial to have the newest industry standard of filters called HEPA 13 Filters which are able to filter 99.97% of air pollutants.
Coway has multiple standard air filters inside their BREEZE which include…

– Pre-Filter:
– Fine Dust Filter
– Deodorisation Filter
– HEPA Filter – unstated.

In contrast, for a cheaper price. Cosmo has the following filters of
– Shell-filter
– Pre-filter
– HEPA 13 Filter
– Activated Carbon Filter

 As we can see, the Cosmo air purifier has the latest industry standard HEPA filter along with the better price tag to go along with. Cosmo helps to filter 99.97% of air pollutants from pet fur all the way to airborne bacteria. The clear winner is Cosmo.

3. After-Care & Customer Service

One more thing to consider, apart from the product itself is the company and it’s after-service. Things like trial periods, customer service awards, delivery times and warranty periods. So let’s take a look

– Online payment: No
– CRISS and CTOS background check: Yes
– Delivery time: 8 Days
– Trial Period: NIL
– Pricing: RM2,500

– Online payment: Yes
– CRISS and CTOS background check: No
– Delivery time: 10 Days
– Trial Period: 20 Days
– Pricing: RM1,299

4. The Final Verdict (Winner: Cosmo)

Price doesn’t necessarily reflect quality and this shows why.

Cosmo offers a superior air purifier compared to Coway’s BREEZE, with better functionality and a wider variety of modes.

Cosmo also provides better after service care. Cosmo is also at an unbelievably lower price than Coway’s BREEZE.

You can be sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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