Air pollution is a major concern of today’s developing world. Day by day, the outdoor air is getting polluted as well as the indoor air. Do you know? It is reported by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) of the United States that indoor air can be polluted five times as outdoor air if there is no air circulation and purification system.

Air Purifiers are meant to freshen musty air, eliminating the contaminants and bacteria from the air. They help you feel energized and fresh. Quality air purifiers filter out the foul odour and pollutants from the air, which reduces the risk of triggering your respiratory organs.

There are hundreds of air purifiers available in the market, making it difficult to choose. In this detailed overview, you will know the facts to consider before buying an air purifier. Should you buy Coway’s air purifier? Wait, there are a few necessary things you should know.

Things to consider

  • Area Compatibility

Air purifiers come in different sizes and ranges. All Air purifiers have a recommended size of the room in which they can perform optimally. You should consider the size of the room while buying the air purifier.

  • Noise Magnitude

Air purifiers produce minimal noise while generating pollutants-free air. This noise level is measured in decibels; you should also consider the noise level before buying an air purifier.   

  • Filters

HEPA filters and activated carbon filters are the most reliable and efficient in filtering polluted air. Always place HEPA filters at the top of your priority list, don’t go with “HEPA Type” or “HEPA like” filters. RBD plasma filters are also coming in some purifiers nowadays.

  • Ozone Gas Emission

Few air purifiers emit Ozone gas while functioning; make sure before buying any air purifier because ozone can be detrimental to your respiratory system. You should consider the purifiers with certification of Ozone less purification.

  • Certifications

Asthma and allergy-friendly certifications are claimed by almost every brand, but sometimes these claims are overstated. For helping the consumers, Allergy standards limited ASL started providing certifications to brands after complete testing of their products so that users can make an informed decision.

  • CADR & ACH

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) refers to the speed of cleaning the air from bad odour, smoke, and contaminants. It is measured in CFM cubic feet per minute. While (ACH) stands for Air change per hour, the number of times the whole volume of your room’s air is filtered is known as the ACH rate of the purifier.

  • Maintenance 

You should also consider the maintenance cost while buying an air purifier. Prices of filters vary according to their types; some air filters are washable while others are only replaceable. Check the prices of filters while buying your air purifier.

Coway’s air purifier

Coway is an international brand providing quality home appliances like Air purifiers and water dispensers worldwide. We are discussing Coway’s air purifiers for the time. Coway’s air purifier prices lie between $600 to $1000, depending on the features. Should you buy Coway’s air purifiers? Let’s have a view of the specifications they offer.

Air Quality Indicator

Coway’s air purifiers come with four-level air quality indicators with LED lights. Quality indicators help you calculate the Air purifier’s performance and secondly remind you to turn it off when the air is cleaned. You can turn on and off the lights according to the environment.

  1. Red light: High Pollution
  2. Yellow light: Medium Pollution
  3. Green Light: Low Pollution
  4. Blue light: Clean Air

Changeable Modes

Coway’s air purifier has different filtering modes and varies model by model, which helps control the performance manually.

  • Auto

The auto mode determines the air quality first and then sets the parameters according. It adjusts the speed and power, keeping in view the requirements automaticity.

  • Eco

You can use the economical mode when you are not in a hurry of making the air fresh immediately. It consumes less electricity when eco mode is enabled.

  • Silent 

In the silent mode, the fan speed is decreased to control the noise level. You can use the silent mode while sleeping to enhance your sleeping experience.

  • Turbo

Turbo Mode can be used when you need to purify the air instantly. It speeds ups the fan, may increase the noise level and power consumption. 

Speed Levels

Its largest model TUBA has five-speed levels you can adjust the fan speeds from one to five. Keeping in mind, higher fan speed causes more electricity consumption and noise.   

Child security lock

Child lock is a futuristic feature of Coway’s air purifier, making it safe for children. It disallows Changing the filtering mode when the child lock is enabled. The air purifier will shut down if the cover is loose or removed.

Filtration steps

Filtration steps vary from model to model. These filters are globally recognized and certified to remove indoor pollutants and ensure clean indoor air effectively.

  • STEP 1

Pre-Filter: Filters large particles like hair, fur, and dust.

  • STEP 2

Fine Dust Filter: Filters tiny particles like fine dust.

  • STEP 3

HEPA Filter: Removes cigarette smoke, viruses, germs, and fine dust.

  • STEP 4

RBD Plasma Filter: Removes moulds and germs such as Aspergillus Nigermand and E.Coli.

  • STEP 5

Catalyst Filter: Removes harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and other VOCs.

  • STEP 6

Deodorization Filter: Removes bad odour and harmful gases.

Other Features 

  • Light sensor
  • Dust sensor
  • Touch panel
  • Slim and lightweight 
  • Power-efficient


Coway’s air purifiers can be a good choice. Still, I recommend you check out the Cosmo air purifiers if you want to buy a pocket-friendly air purifier with the latest futuristic specifications. Cosmo air purifier comes with real-time usage monitoring, and you can install its mobile application for controlling it anytime, anywhere.   

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