Nowadays the Air in our surroundings is a mixture of harmful gases, like Carbon, Nitrogen, Ozone, Sulphur, etc. Moreover, these gases are further contaminated with dust, smoke, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Inhaling highly polluted air is dangerous for our lungs and heart. It may cause asthma, heart strokes, and other respiratory disorders. What you can do to prevent this? Using an air purifier in your car, home, and office is the best way to prevent contagious air enter into your body.

Today we are reviewing the air purifiers of a brand named Cuckoo which deals in manufacturing air conditioners, mattresses, water dispensers, and many other kitchen appliances. Air purifiers are made to cleanse the air with the help of different filters and purifying techniques. Cuckoo has 4 models of air purifiers mentioned below.

  1. Cuckoo B Model Cordless
  2. Cuckoo C model
  3. Cuckoo D model
  4. Cuckoo C+

The models listed above have different functions, prices, and capabilities. We will discuss some of the distinguishing features that these models have as well as the things you need to consider while buying an air purifier.

Things you need to consider

  • Coverage area
  • Power Consumption
  • Filters efficiency
  • Futuristic features
  • Pricing
  • Maintenance cost
  • After-sales services and warranty

Coverage area

The coverage area is the most important factor to consider after filters while buying an air purifier. The recommended size of the room in which an air purifier can perfectly is called the coverage area of that air purifier. You should buy the air purifier according to the size of the place you want to put it. The coverage area also refers to the power and capacity of the air purifier.

Cuckoo air purifiers provide a range of 37 m² to 66 m² which varies from model to model. Model C and C+ can cover an area of 37 m² while Model B can provide a coverage area of up to 40.5 m² whereas Model D can cover an area of 66 m². if you want to buy an air purifier for a small room with a low budget Model C can be the best choice and If you want it for a large space you should go with Model D.

Operational modes

Cuckoo’s air purifiers have a maximum of 11 different operational modes which help you shift the current settings to new settings immediately.

  • AUTO MODE: Detects air quality and adjusts air purification settings automatically.
  • STERILISATION MODE: Turns on CUCKOO Plasma Ionizer to sterilize air.
  • TURBO MODE: Increases fan speed drastically to speed up air purification.
  • BABY MODE: Dims light and decreases the volume.
  • ROOM CARE MODE: Adjust fan speed according to room size.
  • YELLOW DUST MODE: Filters factory fumes and haze particles.
  • ENERGY EYE MODE: Auto senses darkness and dims light (Energy-saving function).
  • REPEAT MODE: Operates according to time settings.
  • LOCK MODE: Locks buttons and modes.
  • FILTER INDICATOR: indicates the need for a filter change.
  • AUTO HUMIDITY MODE: Detects the humidity in the air automatically and turns on the humidifier.

Filtration stages

Cuckoo’s air purifiers come with 7 step filtration process with the help of 4 types of filters. These filters are capable of removing harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust, pollens, pet hair, etc. each filter is responsible for the removal of some specific impurity.


In the first stage, the large particles like dust, pollens, and animal hairs are removed, this filter is washable so you do not need to replace it after a few months.

Harmful gas filter

In the second stage, the harmful gases like carbon, nitrogen, Sulphur, ozone, etc. are eliminated from the air, this filter needs to be replaced after every 4 months.

Activated carbon filter

This filter contains the finest powdered form of carbon which is responsible for Eliminating ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, harmful gases, and unpleasant odour.

Ultra 2.5 PM filter

It is the least and most capable filter which can remove micro particles like bacteria, mould, viruses, dust, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns

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