Did you know? According to the World Health Organization, nearly 7 million deaths each year are due to air pollution. 9 out of 10 people are inhaling air below WHO’s standards. Are you one of these people? The top pollutants making the air polluted and harmful to our health are smog, soot, dust, bacteria, viruses, and greenhouse gases.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Would you think about compromising it? You shouldn’t! Buying a quality air purifier for the betterment of your respiratory organs is a good investment. The air purifiers are meant to remove detrimental contaminants such as dust, bacteria, and greenhouse gases, making them healthier to inhale.

In this context, you will come to know the feature and specifications of Ecoheal air purifiers. Additionally, we will be discussing a unique part of the Ecoheal purifier that makes it stand out from the ordinary purifiers with conventional filtration techniques. They categorize their air purifiers into four different categories (Portable purifiers, Home/office use purifiers, car air purifiers, commercial purifiers).


Commercial air purifierResidential air purifierPortable air purifierCar air purifier
Ecoheal PRO17Ecoheal BM6+Ecoheal ARC II PLUSEcoheal car arc+

Photosynthetic ionization technology

Ecoheal air purifiers have a PHIT function which is its unique highlight; there are no filters included in these air purifiers. It would be best if you never replaced filters, hence 0 consumables. Inspired by the principle of “Photosynthesis, “trees and rainforests create oxygen for the earth’s endless circulation.

 The unique PHIT Photosynthetic Ionization Technology simulates the natural interaction between sunlight, water, and air. It uses light to break down and interact with water to transfer oxygen to a high-level free-oxygen air purification factor.

Odour Removal

ECOHEAL Photosynthetic Electric Tree Design Core Remove odours and harmful gases. Full-effect model using “Nano-level” as the purification goal. The Department of International Hygiene found that more than half of the home’s PM2.5 levels exceed the standard.

Even more concerning is the fact that 95% of the indoor PM0.1 concentration is higher than the outdoor. In addition to microbes and dust mites that we are familiar with, toluene and formaldehyde, and bacteria are invisible killers.

No Dead End purification

You can enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of a forest bath at any time with Active Air Purification, No Dead Ends. PHIT™ photosynthetic ionization air purification technology is an advanced active air purification technology in a broad spectrum of ultraviolet and various metal catalysts.

 There are always some remaining left on the filters of conventional air purifiers that somehow return into the atmosphere and cause air pollution. PHIT purification factors include hydrogen peroxide ions, hydroxyl ions, superoxide ions, and hydroxide ions, which actively combine with the pollutants in the indoor air through air circulation, like a forest bath.

U.S. Level 4 Virus Laboratory Certification

Ecoheal air purifiers are U.S. level 4 virus laboratory certified. They state that “it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle” and that’s why they have adopted the world’s best purification technology. It is possible to live a healthy lifestyle. Warm sunshine, clean air, and clean water are the keys to healthy living.

Photosynthetic ion Technology” – The oxygen in space is broken down by ultraviolet light and then reacts to water vapour. Each 1-litre of oxygen is converted into 17 trillion high-order purification factors. Actively removes harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, suspended particles, and other contaminants from the air. It can be reduced to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water and create a continuous supply of fresh air for your home.


The ECOHEAL photosynthetic electronics tree’s air purification technology is different from the HEPA filter. It is the next-generation purification technology after the HEPA filter. It is far more efficient than the HEPA filter in terms of efficiency, regardless of purification effect and type.

HEPA filters cannot eliminate particles smaller than 0.5 microns, whereas the PHIT technology can block particles as small as 0.00001 microns. HEPA filters need to be changed after some time, but PHIT technology does not require maintenance. 

Ecoheal PRO17

Ecoheal PRO17 is a commercial air purifier that can cover large spaces; its coverage area is 1600 to 3200 sq. ft. This air purifier is meant to be used in large halls, shops, and offices where several people occur at any time. Ecoheal PRO17 use PHIT™ technology, which makes it consumables-free and environment-friendly. Its net weight is approximately 8Kg, and its power consumption is 40W.

  • RM. 12,000
  • No replaceable filters are hence environment friendly.
  • Filter out particles larger than 0.00001 microns.
  • Eliminate 99.99% of Corona, Influenza, H1N1 Influenza, Avian Influenza, and other viruses.

Ecoheal BM6+

Ecoheal BM6+ is a residential air purifier with a 20 to 50 square meters coverage area. This purifier can be used anywhere in a small room, office, or kitchen. It also uses the PHIT technology, so there is no need to replace the filters. The net weight of the product is 0.75KG, whereas it consumes only 10Watts of power.

  • RM. 2680
  • Zero Consumables.
  • No maintenance.
  • Kills 99% of harmful viruses like Corona and influenza.


Ecoheal ARC II PLUS is a portable air purifier that consumes less than 4watts of power and weighs around 125 Grams. You can place that air purifier on your side table while sleeping, in your wardrobe, in your bathroom, etc. its entirely silent design and upgraded circuit increase its efficiency by 30%.

  • RM. 1280.
  • Power saving mode, which enhances use timing
  • Remove pet hairs and smell
  • Push-button switch, stylish and beautiful design 

Ecoheal car arc+

Ecoheal car arc+ is a car purifier that can be placed anywhere in your car; under the seat, A.C. grill, Seat headrest, centre console, dashboard, etc. It eliminates foul odour from the vehicle and prevents detrimental bacteria and viruses from propagating in the car’s atmosphere. It weighs 95 grams and can be powered through a 12v output cigarette igniter.

  • RM. 540.
  • PHIT technology
  • Removes foul odour

Eliminates H1N1 and Corona.

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