You might not realize it, but our indoor air quality is five times more polluted than the air outside our homes. It is a serious issue for someone living in Malaysia. 

Malaysia, sadly, has poor air quality due to air contamination compared to some other parts of the world, which can be dangerous for your health. Hence, buying an air purifier is a healthy investment.

If you already own an air purifier or are planning to get your hands on it, you should know how to use the product to get the most out of it. 

This blog will guide you about using an air purifier device without a hassle with some tips to keep it in optimum condition for long-term use. 

How To Use an Air Purifier – Stepwise

Using air purifiers is no rocket science. You will normally receive a manual with the device, but sometimes the products are imported, and details are written in a foreign language. Whatever your reason to read this blog is, you’ll get good help. 

Before we get to using an air purifier, you must ensure that you buy a HEPA-certified product and feature-rich like COSMO air purifiers.

Let’s get to the steps. 


  1. Unbox your air purifier very carefully. The device is usually easy to carry in a nice size.
  2. If your air purifier is battery operated, put it in the cells. If it’s pluggable, switch on the electrical socket to test if it’s working fine. 
  3. Once you are sure the product is working fine, decide on a place that keeps it dry and secured. 

Seems pretty simple, right? Now the real game is to maintain your air purifiers. Being a fan of the product, we have extracted some handy tips for you to keep up with your air purifiers’ maintenance needs. 

Tips and Tricks To Use an Air Purifier

Keep The Door Shut

Air purifiers are indoor devices that work their best in closed spaces. The real job of an air purifier is to filter the polluted air where the device is plugged in and used. 

If you do not close the room door, it means you are inviting more air particles or contamination for the air purifier to filter. The device may collapse or become counterproductive in such a case. So, when an air purifier is turned ON, you have to close the windows and doors.

Maintain The Filters in Timely

A good air purifier uses a true HEPA Filter (filters 99.97% of all particles), and these filters need time to time maintenance, and in some air purifiers, it needs to be removed completely. 

Some filters are washable, and others are not. You have to read your manual guide, which will tell you when and how frequently to wash your air purifier’s filter.

Place the Air Purifier in Your Breathing Zone

You must place the air purifier at the right location to do its job best. Using the device near you will help big time. For instance, it will work the best in any area of your home where you will have more impurities, get dustier, and use for your family. Place your air purifier where it can catch the maximum contaminants.

Avoid Corners

Your air purifier aims to catch impurities that need good airflow so that maximum air can pass through the filter. Try to keep your air purifiers positioned in a wide space instead of a tight corner with poor air circulation. Try placing your air purifier above the ground level.

Make sure your air purifiers are not kept along with other air devices like humidifiers and dehumidifiers, as this will create tension and conflict against the same air.

Keep Air Purifiers Turned on

To reap the benefits of an air purifier, you have to keep your air purifier on when you are in the room. Air purification devices take a little time to process. Turning on the device only for a short time won’t let you enjoy fresh and clean air perks for a longer period. 

As soon as the air purifier turns off, the impurities travelling in the air vacuum gather again. So, keep it on until you use the room. 

Ventilate the Space Before Turning on Air Purifier

Ventilate your room space before you turn the air purifier on. Reduce the workload of the air purifier by opening windows so that sunlight and fresh air can come in.

Swap from deep-frying work in the kitchen to air fryers and not use air fresheners or sprays as they are hazardous to indoor air quality.

These are some basic tips that will optimise your device’s use for a good time. 


As you are familiar with the tips and tricks to get the most out of an air purifier, you should also be aware of some common practices of handling this device, and you might consider this a safety measure or precaution. 

  • Whenever you clean the filters of an air purifier with water, disconnect from the electricity.
  • Avoid placing any stuff on top of the air purifier unit.
  • Avoid placing your air purifier where flammable, toxic, or explosive gases are present.
  • Make sure you keep your kids away from the device when it’s turned on; some air purifiers even have a child lock feature to prevent the settings from disturbing.

Using an air purifier will only add to the quality of your life. You will feel more relaxed, healthier, and stress-free. But, if you don’t take proper care of the device, it will do worse than good. 


If you are looking for an effective solution to avoid air pollution in Malaysia, investing in air purifiers will be worthwhile. It will clean the air and leave it odourless so that you and your entire family can have the best of their time at home.
Air purifiers are the need of the hour, so make sure you invest in a cost-effective product that will be your saviour for your lifetime.

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