We are releasing poisonous gases and chemicals into the air daily from our industries and cars. Additionally, deforestation is at its peak, especially in the developed world, causing air pollution and global warming. These contagious gases are further mixed with harmful bacteria, viruses, and dust particles, making the air even worse. Continuously inhaling such kind of contaminated air may cause serious damage to our bodies. It may worsen asthma and can be the reason for heart strokes.

Investing in an air purifier is a need because clean and pure air means a healthier mind and body. Air purifiers draw air from every corner of the room and use multi-level filters to cleanse it. We bring an unbiased review of Kimozo air purifiers for you in this context.

Kimozo offers two models of air purifiers having different specifications, features, modes, and capabilities.

  • KIMOZO Smart Air Purifier
  • KIMOZO Anion Air Purifier

KIMOZO Smart Air Purifier

KIMOZO Smart is a powerful air purifier that can clean the air effectively in an area of 50-meter square. It can purify 180 m³ of air at its maximum capacity in one hour. This air purifier is perfect for a medium-sized room or office; additionally, it offers five layers of purification. It also does have five different operational modes for easy manipulation. It helps fight against allergies by reducing allergy triggers like pollen, dust, etc. KIMOZO Smart also reduces the growth of mould and mildew in your home, prevents dust from building up, and reduces housework. If you have pets at home, this purifier can reduce pet dander in the air. KIMOZO Smart Air Purifier is harsh on harmful gases and controls the foul odours in the air.

Filtration steps

  1. NON-WOVEN/Fine/Pre-Filter: This captures large airborne particles, including dust and pet hair. It helps extend the HEPA filter’s life. It is important to inspect the pre-filter regularly and change it if required.
  2. HEPA Filter: It can trap fine dust particles, PM2.5, pollen, and mites. HEPA filters are composed of multiple layers of fibres randomly placed having a diameter of between 0.5 and 2.0 micrometres that can stop even the finest contaminants.
  3. Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter: This filter is used for the removal of chemicals, especially organic chemicals, as well as the decomposition of formaldehyde. Carbon is the best material if you want to eliminate unpleasant odours, vapours, and gases from your house.
  4. Negative ion air purification: An ionizer produces negatively charged ions released into the air and get attached to dust particles. These dust particles become sticky and are caught by a Carbon filter easily.
  5. UV LIGHT: It effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses. The UV light also disrupts the DNA of pathogens, which prevents your family members from becoming ill.

Operational modes

  • UV MODE. Ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria, which prevents your family members from getting ill.
  • Sleep MODE. Sleep mode lets KIMOZO Air Purifier run quietly in the background by reducing the fan speed, allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.
  • Auto MODE. A built-in sensor detects current air quality and automatically adjusts the purifier’s settings accordingly. It also helps in decreasing power consumption.
  • Haze MODE. KIMOZO smart runs at its best capability to remove all harmful substances and smells in this mode; moreover, the fan speed is set to maximum. However, the noise production and power consumption are enhanced.
  • Anion MODE. This mode Increases levels of the mood chemical serotonin in your body, helping alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost your daytime energy.

Pricing and maintenance

KIMOZO Smart Air Purifier costs around RM 439.99. The filter replacement interval for this purifier is 3000 hours or 375 days on an average usage of 8 hours per day. They provide a 2-year warranty for this product.

KIMOZO Anion Air Purifier

KIMOZO Anion Air Purifier comes with highly efficient and productive features that add more value to your lifestyle. The HEPA filter could filter 99.7% of PM2.5. At the same time, the Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter can also remove 88.9% formaldehyde and other harmful substances. It can effectively cover an area of 50 meters square with a clean air delivery rate of 180 m³ per hour. This purifier is equipped with a front touch panel you can easily turn ON/OFF the power or switch between different modes according to the need. The price of the KIMOZO Anion Air Purifier is RM 379.

Filtration process

KIMOZO Anion Air Purifier uses the same filtration technology and filters as KIMOZO Smart Air Purifier. It includes a Non-woven pre-filter that traps large airborne particles, including dust and pet hair. A HEPA filter placed under pre-filter filters out fine particles, pollens, and pathogens; it can eliminate particles up to PM 2.5. The third but not the least filter is an activated carbon filter that contains the finest carbon form to capture foul odours and formaldehyde. At last, there is an ionizer that releases negatively charged ions into the air to get attached to suspend airborne particles. This ionization process makes the particles sticky so they can stick easily with filter fibres.


An on-the-go mobile application is available on the play store, which gives you complete access to all the KIMOZO Anion Air purifier functions. You can set the timer, turn it ON/OFF switch between modes with a tap of your finger using the application. It increases productivity and adds convenience to your life.

Changeable modes

This air purifier has three different operational modes.

  • Smoke-free MODE. KIMOZO runs at its best capability in smoke-free mode to remove all harmful substances and smells.
  • Sleep MODE. Sleep mode lets KIMOZO Air Purifier run quietly in the background, allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.
  • Anion MODE. Anion mode Increases the level of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

Final Verdict

Both the models of Kimozo are full of features and offer the best filtration technologies. If you are looking for air purifiers for your home or office at an affordable price with satisfactory results, you can consider them.

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