Air purifiers are the only way to protect yourself from harmful substances in the atmosphere nowadays. Air pollination has become a major concern in today’s world because we are releasing harmful gases into our surroundings daily. Inhaling all these dust, smoke, bacteria, and viruses causes diseases like asthma, heart strokes, lungs infection, and various allergies.

Panasonic is a brand that is renowned for its quality home appliances; today, we will be discussing the technologies and features they are using in their air purifiers. They have a big lineup of air purifiers that includes car air purifiers and home air purifiers differentiated by their coverage capacity, prices, and technology. Below are the available models in Malaysia mentioned.


  1. Portable Air Purifier nanoe™X Generator F-GPT01AKM
  2. nanoe™X Air Purifier F-PXU70AWM
  3. Humidifying nanoe™ Air Purifier F-VXK70A
  4. nanoe™ HEPA Filter Air Purifier F-VXR50ASM
  5. ECONAVI Humidifying nanoe™ HEPA Filter Air Purifier F-VXM35ASM
  6. Non-Humidifying nanoe™ Technology Air Purifier F-PXM55A
  7. Non-Humidifying nanoe™ HEPA Filter Air Purifier F-PXT50AKM
  8. Non-Humidifying nanoe™ HEPA Filter Air Purifier F-PXM35ASM
  9. Non-Humidifying nanoe™ Air Purifier F-PXJ30AHM

Let’s dive into the features and technology they are offering in their air purifiers; at the end, you will come to know if they are worth the purchase or not?

Panasonic Unique nanoe™X Technology

nanoe™X are small (5 up to 20nm) acidic water particles with reactive substances and electric charged properties. A nanoe™ X device creates radicals within water molecules that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens, and odours. The efficiency of removing bacteria and viruses depends on the number of radicals OH. The more OH radicals there are, the greater the virus-fighting power. A nanoe™ X device can produce 4.8 trillion in a second frequency.

nanoe™ X prevents 99.9 percent of viruses (H1N1 as well as H5N1) within 2 hours and 99.9 percent of bacteria (E. Coli 0157, MRSA) in 1 hour. It reduces the extremely strong cigarette smoke smell to be barely noticeable in just one hour. The mildly acidic nature of nanoe™ X is similar to human hair and skin. nanoe(tm)X connects to sebum and forms skin-like membranes that improve the keratin’s texture. It helps restore moisture to the entire skin area, giving you smoother, hydrated skin and silkier hair.

How Does nanoe™X Work?

  1. nanoe™X captures the virus.
  2. OH radical takes away hydrogen (H) from the virus.
  3. The radical turn into the water to inhibit the virus.


Panasonic air purifiers come with three types of filters, although the type of filters may depend on the model of the purifier. The functions of these filters are elaborated on below.

HEPA composite filter

HEPA composite filters comprise 3 types of filtration technologies in it.

  • Super alleru-buster: Restrain allergens by up to 99%
  • Green Tea Catechin: This can stop viruses from spreading by up to 99%.
  • Anti-bacteria Enzyme: It prevents the spread of bacteria

PM refers to Particulate Matter. PM2.5 is a term used to describe tiny particles that have dimensions in the range of 2.5 micrometres or smaller than the air. PM 0.003 is approximately 8 times less than PM2.5. It is small enough to penetrate deeply into the respiratory system, entering the lung and causing adverse health effects. Panasonic air purifier equipped with HEPA Composite Filter can remove these particles effectively to ensure your health.

Super-Nano technology deodorizing filter

The deodorizing filter eliminates all the foul odour and smell of rotten food from the air using its super-Nano technology. A bad smell can cause disturbance in your mood or headache; this filter makes you feel good and refreshed by adding a pleasant scent to the atmosphere.

Fusion humidifying filter

A fusion humidifying filter is present in Panasonic air purifiers that have an air humidifying function. In tropical countries like Malaysia, it is hot most of the year. The dryness due to the balmy weather can cause moisture loss from your skin. This filter adds moisture to the air by releasing water vapours into it.

Changeable modes

Panasonic air purifier has different filtering modes and varies model by model, which helps control the performance manually.

  • Auto

The auto mode determines the air quality first and then sets the parameters according. It adjusts the speed and power, keeping in view the requirements automatically.

  • Eco

You can use the economical mode when you are not in a hurry to make the air fresh immediately. It consumes less electricity when it is enabled.

  • Sleep 

In sleep mode, the fan speed is decreased to control the noise level. You can use the silent mode while sleeping to enhance your sleeping experience.

  • Turbo

Turbo Mode can be used when you need to purify the air instantly. It speeds ups the fan however it will also increase the noise level and power consumption. 


Econavi is a system where the air purifier works automatically and efficiently before pollutants are released. It’s intended to decrease power consumption by utilizing smartness. Econavi integrates intelligence with your air purifier to study the habits you have in your day-to-day life and cleans pollutants automatically before they get spread. As a result, less airflow is wasted. It also offers greater savings on energy.

Direct front suction

The majority of Panasonic air purifiers have direct front suction; it captures dust from 0 to 30 centimetres near the floor. Mostly, dust particles, pet hair, and pollens are found in this range; additionally, it makes it safer for children who crawl.

Odour level indicator

They have a three-level odour level indicator which is indicated using different colour LED lights.

RED: Dirty

PURPLE: Slightly Dirty

BLUE: Clean


Panasonic is a trustable brand with a wide range of air purifiers for all purposes. The price of Panasonic air purifiers varies between RM. 599 to RM. 2399 depending upon the features and coverage area. If you want to buy an air purifier for long term usage, you can trust the durability of Panasonic air purifiers.

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