Air purifiers bring comfort to our lives by providing us with fresh and clean air. Breathing contaminant-free air is everyone’s right as it is one of the things available freely in nature. But we destroyed this blessing by our acts, releasing harmful gases like carbon, nitrogen, Sulphur, ozone, etc. Cars and factories emit poisonous gases into the environment, which worsens the situation.

An average man inhales around 24,000 times a day, and 90% of them are inhaling a mixture of dust, bacteria, pollens, allergens, etc. Inhaling this air causes damage to your lungs and heart; it may also worsen asthma and allergies. A contagious atmosphere is detrimental to children’s brains and lungs at the developing stage. It is necessary to have an air purifier to protect yourself.

We have tested out Samsung air purifiers for you; everything you need to know to make an informed decision is discussed below. Four models are available in the Samsung air purifier’s lineup, having distinguished coverage areas and features.


  • BESPOKE Cube™ Air Purifier
  • Smart Air Purifier (AX60R5080WD)
  • Samsung Air Purifier (AX34R3020WW)
  • Samsung Air Purifier (AX50K5050WD)

Let’s dive into the details of these models one by one.

BESPOKE Cube™ Air Purifier

BESPOKE Cube™ Air Purifier comes with 360° filtration technology with a solid cubical design. It adds a charming and attractive look to your place with its front spokes and beige colour. Along with beautiful design language, it also offers powerful cleaning of air with its five-stage filtration process. The coverage area of the BESPOKE Cube™ Air Purifier is 53m², while its clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 413 m³/h. This air purifier costs around RM 3,199.

  • Pre-Filter

Pre-filter is responsible for trapping large particles, dust, pollens, pet dander, etc.

  • Electrostatic discharge filter

Electrostatic discharge filters negatively charge the particles in the particles in the air, which helps to stick to the filter easier.

  • Deodorizing filter

The deodorizing filter removes harmful gases and foul odours from the air and adds a refreshing scent to it.

  • Dust collector

Dust collector grabs the finest particles of dust that are passed by the previous filters to make the air purest.

  • UV Light Fan 

UV light fan kills all the germs, viruses, and pathogens through its high-frequency waves to provide you with clean air.

Smart Air Purifier (AX60R5080WD)

Smart Air Purifier (AX60R5080WD) reaches wider areas and cleans the air faster. Its three-way airflow cover corner to corner and cleans the air faster. A powerful fan quickly distributes the clean air in multiple directions. So it reaches wider and purifies faster, with a CADR of 467 cubic meters per hour. This air purifier can cover up to 60 square meters, making it usable in larger rooms or halls.

Digital display and multiple indicators like air quality, fine dust, and gas purity indicators are unique features of this purifier. It shows the detailed performance of the purifier on display in numeric. Additionally, it comes with two changeable modes (Auto mode and Night mode). This cost around RM. 1,699. Smart Air Purifier (AX60R5080WD) comes with a three-step filtration step.

  • Washable Pre-filter

Washable pre-filter traps macro particles like dust, insects, pollens, etc.

  • Activated carbon filter

It contains a powdered form of carbon which is responsible for eliminating harmful gases and foul odours.

  • Dust collector

In the end, the finest dust particles and bacteria are captured by the dust collector filter.

Samsung Air Purifier (AX34R3020WW)

Samsung Air Purifier (AX34R3020WW) is a smart air purifier for small rooms or offices as it provides a coverage area of 34 m². It comes with a multi-layer filtration process that involves Pre-filter, Deodorization filter, and PM 2.5 filter. These three filters collectively clean the air from impurities like dust, pollens, allergens, bacteria, viruses, contagious gases, and VOCs. PM 2.5 filter can filter particles larger than 2.5 microns, while a deodorization filter adds a refreshing fragrance to the air. This air purifier has two modes (Auto and night); the auto mode regulates the settings according to the environment after detecting the air quality, whereas the night mode helps you provide good sleep time by lowering the noise levels.

Samsung Air Purifier (AX34R3020WW) cleans the air at the rate of 264 m³/h. It has a dust sensor that measures how much dust is present at any given time, and the 4-Color Indicator illustrates the results by using an LED light with four hues, which means you will be able to determine how clean the air is instant. An infant Safety Lock makes it impossible to operate the controls accidentally, and its round-edged design makes it more secure if children hit it. The price of this device is RM. 949.

Samsung Air Purifier (AX50K5050WD)

Samsung Air Purifier (AX50K5050WD) comes with three-way airflow and a four-stage filtration process with a special virus removal function. It has an air intake at the front with many holes, which allow the air to hit the filter, and a Power Fan spreads clean air in 3 directions, so it reaches much wider and faster with a high CADR. It provides a clean air delivery rate of 411.8 m²/h with a coverage area of 50 m². This purifier is equipped with 4-step filtration, including a pre-filter, deodorization filter, PM 2.5 filter, and a virus killer. They collectively make the air pure and refreshing to breathe.

It’s really easy to move whenever and wherever you want as it has hidden wheels, which don’t spoil the overall design. So it can be simply pushed or pulled to any location that needs more intensive purifying. Additionally, it is easy to maintain A front-sided air inlet means you don’t need to move it unnecessarily or pull it away from the wall. Samsung Air Purifier (AX50K5050WD) has both auto and night modes for your feasibility. Its digitally designed display is very interactive as it shows the current air quality, filter change indication, current mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, gas monitoring, etc.

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