Sharp is a well-established multinational brand that deals in Air purifiers, Microwaves ovens, Cooktops, Range hoods, Refrigerators, and dishwashers. Is the Sharp Air Purifier worth buying? In this fast-growing world, we are too caught up with the hustle and bustle of our lives. Hence, we often forget to take care of our health in these circumstances.

Air pollution is a major threat to our respiratory organs. The harmful pollutants, contaminants, greenhouse gases, smoke, and sook damage our lungs and heart, which may cause asthma, ischemic heart disease, strokes, and other respiratory disorders. For living a healthy life and wanting to inhale fresh, clean, and contaminants-free air, you should invest in an air purifier.

In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of the Sharp Air purifiers. What features will you be getting if you purchase a Sharp air purifier? Let’s find out!

Should you buy a sharp air purifier?

Sharp True HEPA Air Purifier with Plasmacluster® Ion Technology for Medium-Sized Rooms (FPK50UW)
Sharp HEPA Air Purifier with Plasmacluster® Ion Technology for Extra-Large Rooms (FPA80UW)

Sharp is a renowned brand manufacturing home appliances for the ease and betterment of people’s life. They have been producing air purifiers that are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable for years. The prices of Sharp air purifiers vary from model to model, from $119 to $ 599, according to the coverage capacity and features. Sharp has a qualified and experienced team of research and development, which leads them to make customer-centric products. Now let’s find out if the sharp air purifier worth buying or not regarding the features and the prices they are offering.

Coverage size

Sharp air purifiers come with various coverage sizes in different models. Air purifiers always have a recommended room size mentioned in their manuals; you should consider the room size you will be using it in before purchasing. Sharp manufacture air purifiers for room size from 100 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. Buy your sharp air purifier considering your room size to achieve optimal performance.

True HEPA filter

HEPA is a standard set by the U.S Department of Energy DOE; this standard is defined for the companies manufacturing air purifiers. The HEPA standard passed filter doesn’t allow particles greater than 0.3 microns to pass through it, making the 99.7% clean and fresh.

The sharp air purifiers come with True HEPA filters all across their models. True HEPA filters are closest to the HEPA standards, but they are not supposed to be as accurate as HEPA filters; still, they are widely used in air purifiers all around the globe.

True HEPA filters are washable, and they can resist up to two years according to the environment and condition of the air. At the same time, HEPA filters are recommended to be changed after every six months for excellent performance, which may increase the maintenance cost. 


CADR stands for “clean air delivery rate” and means how much air flows through the filter per minute. It determines how fast the air purifier cleans the air from contaminants and bacteria. It is measured in CFM cubic feet per minute, but it is not a reliable number. Let’s assume that there is a gap in the fitting of the filter, which is a design drawback resulting in the air purifier having a definite high CADR. Still, it doesn’t mean that the air purifier is very fast and efficient. On the other hand, a HEPA filter that is somehow blocked by pollutants and needs to be changed will have relatively low CADR, but it can stop more dust, bacteria, and microelements.

Energy Star®

Energy Star - Wikipedia

Energy Star is the star rating about energy efficiency; it is the unit in which the efficiency of an appliance is measured in case of electricity consumption. More stars mean more efficiency when compared to other models of the same size. The scale for measuring the product’s energy efficiency is starring, usually rated between 1 and 6 stars. Nearly all the models of sharp air purifiers are Energy Star certified.


ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour; it is the most important but least considered factor in air purification. The number of times air in a room is filtered out completely in one hour will be the ACH rating of that purifier. Purifiers having high ACH comparatively perform better than purifiers having low ACH.

Plasma culture Ion Technology

positive and negative ions occur naturally, and Plasma cluster technology generates and emits the same. After purifying the air, the ions are again converted into water and returned to the air. Sharp is constantly developing new ways that Plasma cluster can bring benefits to society.

  • Stage 1

In the first stage, Plasma cluster Ions are homogenous to positive and negative ions found in nature. These ions are surrounded by water vapors and are released into the air after the process.

  • Stage 2

In the second stage, the ions from hydroxide (OH) radicals are highly oxidizing when they adhere to the surfaces of airborne microbes, such as suspended allergens, bacteria, mold, and viruses. They remove hydrogen from the surface proteins, breaking them down into small pieces.

  • Stage 3

In the third stage, the hydroxide (OH) radicals combine with hydrogen(H) to form water (H20) which is returned to the air.

Library Quiet

Library quiet is a mode available in the sharp air purifier, which decreases the noise produced in the air purifier by lowering the fan speed. This function can be helpful while sleeping, so you can sleep seamlessly by turning it On.

Smart Controls

Sharp FXJ80UW is a model of sharp air purifier which is designed for large rooms. This air purifier has the function of smart controls; you can install the application and control the settings remotely by it. It can also be connected with Alexa or Amazon Echo.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly air purifier, Sharp can be a good option. But it doesn’t offer a variety of features and modes. It is simple and just built for the specific purpose of filtering air. If you are not a feature-centric person and the absence of multiple modes doesn’t bother you sharp can be a great choice. Otherwise, you can also consider Cosmo Air Purifiers!

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