The air we breathe every day is contaminated with harmful gases like carbon, nitrogen, and ozone. These gases are further mixed with dust, smoke, allergens, and bacteria, making it even worse. This highly polluted atmosphere can cause damage to the lungs and heart; it may cause asthma, heart strokes, and other respiratory disorders. How can you prevent this from happening? You can prevent contagious indoor air from entering your body by using an air purifier at home, work, or car.

Today we will be reviewing the Air Purifiers from SK Magic. This company manufactures air purifiers and water dispensers. Air purifiers can clean the air using a variety of filters and purifying methods. SK Magic offers five models for the air purifiers listed below.

What should you keep in mind while purchasing air purifiers?

Before making any decision, you should know about these specifications so you wouldn’t feel regret after.

  • Filters used

Make sure to buy an air purifier with efficient and reliable filters because filtering the air makes it impurities-free should be the main focus.

  • Available Features

A feature-rich air purifier can enhance your user experience and add convenience to your life, so do consider available features before purchasing.

  • Maintenance cost

Some air purifiers come with washable filters, while mostly they are only replaceable; you should check the prices of filters before purchasing.

  • Power consumption

Add the cost of electricity to your maintenance cost because air purifiers consume a bulk of power, disturbing your monthly budget.

  • Pricing

Find an air purifier that is valuable to money, keeping in mind your room size and the features you need. Prices of air purifiers vary according to the coverage area and specifications.

8 Step filtration

  1. Stage 1

In the first stage, large dust particles, pollens, and tiny insects are removed from the air.

  • Stage 2

In the second stage, formaldehyde and atopic allergens are eliminated from the air.

  • Stage 3

Bad odour and foul smells are removed at stage 3, which may cause irritation and headache.

  • Stage 4

In the fourth stage, the smog pollutants and harmful gases are separated from the air.

  • Stage 5

Ultrafine dust particles which are unable to be trapped in previous stages are blocked here.

  • Stage 6

This layer has anti-viral capabilities; it restrains the viruses from spreading, even the Coronavirus.

  • Stage 7

An anti-bacterial layer is included at this stage to eliminate microbes and pathogens from the air.

  • Stage 8

This layer has anti-fungal specialities; it prevents the growth of fungus and moulds.

Filters used

Four types of filters are used in SK Magic air purifiers, which give you the purest air.


The filter removes large impurities such as pollens and macro dust particles from the air. It also eliminates pet hairs and dust mites. This makes the air healthier, cleaner, and more refreshing. These substances can cause chest infections, sneezing, and other symptoms.

  • Trap macro-particles
  • Eliminates insects and large dust particles
  • Catch Animal hair

Dust Filter

The dust filter is specialized to filter out ultra-fine dust particles invisible to the naked eyes but can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders.

  • Trap Nanoparticles
  • Eliminates ultra-fine dust

Deodorization Filter

The Deodorization filter catches the foul odours and food smell and adds a welcoming fragrance to the air.

  • Home Odor (Acetaldehyde, Ammonia(NH3), Acetic Acid) Removal
  • Odour Components such as Formaldehyde (HCHO), Toluene Removal
  • Air Pollutants (NO2, SO2) Removal

HEPA filter

HEPA stands to represent the “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” filter. HEPA filters are the most popular filters worldwide due to their nanofabrication, which prevents even small particles from passing through. It removes almost 99.9% of airborne particles, bacteria, and mould and makes the air more pleasant to breathe. It can block particles larger than 0.03 microns to protect you from contagious pathogens.

  • Antibacterial 99.9% / Anti-viral 99.9%
  • Dust Storm / Ultra-Fine Dust Removal
  • Allergen (house dust mite, mould) Removal

Smart Sensors

Sensors always help enhance a product’s performance and make it monitorable for the user.

Laser dust sensor

The laser sensor efficiently detects PM 10, 2.6, and 1.0 dust particles and manage the airflow towards them for elimination.

Gas sensor

Gas filters measure the concentration of gases in the atmosphere and display the level in different colours.

Air temperature and humidity sensor

This sensor measures the current room temperature and humidity level continuously so you can change the mode accordingly.

PIR infrared sensor

PIR Infrared Sensor x3 detects the direction of dust formation and increases the airflow towards that area to eliminate the root issue.

Air quality Indicators

SK Magic air purifiers have four-level air quality indicators that make them more interactive. These levels help you calculate the speed of cleaning the air and monitor the air purifier’s performance.

Blue – Good

Green – Moderate

Orange – Poor

Red – Very Poor

Operational modes

Ultra Stream Mode

In this mode, the airflow is increased dramatically with an increase in fan speed to clean the more concentrated air. It helps you when you need a clean environment instantly.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode puts the air purifiers in a quiet position where the fan speed is reduced to minimize the noise production so you can sleep uninterrupted.

Power Saving Mode

Air purifiers usually use a lot of electricity which can make your money blown; the power-saving mode adjusts the settings automatically to save electricity.

Hidden moving wheels

SK Magic air purifiers are easy to manoeuvre as they have hidden wheels in their base. You can easily move them from one room to another. It is a useful feature for disabled persons and children who cannot lift the device.

Conclusion with pricing

SK magic air purifiers are worth the buy as they have the best purification system and powerful filters. They also offer a lot of features for the customer’s convenience. The prices of SK Magic air purifiers lie between RM. 3,500 to 4,800 depending upon the models. If you are looking for a powerful purifier with the best features, SK Magic is a good option.

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