Air purifiers are meant to clean the air from harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, and dust particles. The air in our surroundings is not breathable anymore as nine out of every ten people is sufferings from respiratory disorders like asthma, allergies, and lungs infection. Conventional air purifiers use various technologies and filters to trap and remove detrimental contaminants from the air. These air purifiers use Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter to purify the air; additionally, they use ionization functions to trap dust particles.

A water air purifier is a type of water-based air purifier. They clean the air using water instead of traditional filters; it is their key difference. These purifiers can filter allergens and dust as well as they can be used to humidify your home or as aroma diffusers. The purifier draws the air from the surrounding area and passes it through a tank of hot water. After being washed by the water, the cleaned air is blown out of the other side.

Benefits of buying a water air purifier

  • These air purifiers are generally more affordable than traditional purifiers.
  • They have a water filter system that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • This multifunctional device can be used as a humidifier, purifier, or scent diffuser. Some models even feature a convenient LED for night lamps.
  • They are quiet and produce very little background noise.
  • There is no need to spend money to change filters. You can simply change the water in the water tank.
  • They are portable, compact, and lightweight.

Leave the googling to us as we’ve researched the best water-based air purifiers for you, which are worth buying. Let’s discuss their features and specifications one by one.

EcoGecko Water Air Purifier

EcoGecko Water Air Purifier is a globe-shaped cleaner that can cover and clean space of almost 600 square feet. It comes with a special lavender aroma that fills your room air with a fascinating fragrance. This water-based air purifier is maintenance-free as you just need to refill the water in the tank after dumping the old water.

Moreover, EcoGecko Water Air Purifier can also work as a lamp in the room, spreading a charming purple light. Hence it works as an air purifier as well as a lamp. This device includes a powerful fan that draws the air towards the swirling water in the tank. When air is passed through the water, dust particles and macro contaminants are removed, and a pleasant scent is added to it.

AP air pleasure Purifier Air Washer

AP water air purifier is another air fresher that comes with a compact and minimalistic design. It is specially manufactured for large rooms and offices with a tank capacity of 1200 ml. This air purifier is made up of BPA-free material. Additionally, it comes with seven mood-changing colour LED lights. You can use it as a table lamp with colour-changing lights.

AP air pleasure Purifier Air Washer turns on with a first button press, fast gear state, LED light irregular colour change, press the button for the second time, slow state, LED light off. Press it a third time; the machine shuts down. It is easy to maintain all; you just need to refill the tank with water when empty. Moreover, you can add a few drops of essential oils into the air purifier, which adds fragrance to the air. This air freshener cost around MYR. 265.

Bluonics Water-Based Air Revitalizer & Freshener

The air revitalizer uses hydro purification technology to trap polluted air, smoke, and other unpleasant odours. The purified air is then atomized and released into the environment, making it clean and polluting-free. Its maximum coverage area is 360 square feet with a clean air delivery rate of 14000 cubic feet per day. This air freshener has six colour-changeable lights that make it work as a table lamp.

Bluonics Water-Based Air Revitalizer & Freshener produces fresh and healthy water-washed air helping many allergy and asthma sufferers. Moreover, it removes odour, secondhand smoke, and other air contaminants. You can add a few drops of fragrance oil to the water tank to get a charming aroma all day. Its water tank can store 1-quart water, which can be refilled when needed. This product weighs around 1.35 kg, and the price of this air purifier is MYR. 368.

Samu Giken Watering Air Revitalizer Air Purifier

Samu Giken is a powerful water-based air purifier and revitalizer that comes with a tasteful leaf design. It can purify the air in a room-sized 300 square feet with a capacity of cleaning 400 cubic meters of air per day. This air purifier requires no maintenance; a one-litre water tank just needs to be refiled when emptied. Moreover, this air cleanser has integrated LED light that adds a pleasant effect to the room when enlightened.

It is equipped with a powerful motor that draws the air towards the water tank where it is purified; all the dust particles and allergens are removed when confused with the swirling water in the tank. After being cleansed, the air is thrown back into the atmosphere with a diffused energetic scent added to it. It is available in nine different colours with a free 15 ml essential oil which you can add to the water tank while refiling. The price of the Samu Giken watering air revitalizer and purifier is MYR. 100.


These are the best water-based air purifiers you can buy; they are affordable and work perfectly. However, they are less effective than conventional air purifiers because they don’t use HEPA filters, which are medically approved to remove micro-pollutants and viruses. If you live in a balmy environment where the air is dry, water air purifiers can be a better choice because they also work as a humidifier and add moisture to the air.

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