Xiaomi is a well-reputed multinational brand that deals in Air purifiers, smartphones, mobile accessories, wearables, cameras, etc. Air purifiers added more value to our lives by providing us with healthy and fresh air. Today we will be reviewing the new Xiaomi air purifier pro; stay tuned if you want to know about the pros and cons of the Xiaomi air purifier pro, or Is it worth upgrading to it?

Air pollution is a severe threat to our respiratory organs! The air nowadays is even more harmful as it has gotten even more contaminated over the years. It contains dust, smoke, smog, sook, and harmful gases like carbon, Sulphur, and nitrogen. It can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders or even lead to heart diseases and strokes. If you have a pet at your home, you will need an air purifier to stop their hair from going all over the place! To minimize the effects of air pollution, investing in an air purifier is not a bad deal.

Let’s now discuss the features and specifications of the Xiaomi air purifier pro and figure out if it is worth upgrading or not?

Is it worth the upgrade?

The worthiness of any air purifier is based on some facts and figures like price, features, compatibility, coverage size, design, and most importantly, its filtration process. First, let’s focus on the facts and figures, and in the end, we will conclude whether it is worth upgrading.

Exterior design

Xiaomi air purifier comes with a compact and minimalistic vertical cylindrical design. This purifier is available only in white colour; it covers as less space as an A4 paper so it can be placed anywhere at home and office. The outer body of this air purifier has plenty of tiny holes all over it for air intake. Its cylindrical design with holes all over it increases air intake, which also helps provide high CADR. At the front top part of this purifier, an OLED display panel is placed to indicate the room’s current temperature. Additionally, this display also tells about the air quality in the room by showing different colours. Xiaomi air purifier pro weighs around 9.7Kgs, and the dimensions of this purifier are 735×260×260 mm.

Coverage area and CADR

Xiaomi air purifier is recommended for a room size of 60 square meters. 60m² is the maximum recommended size, but it will give you comparably better results if you use it in a smaller place. At the same time, the CADR of this air purifier is 500m³/h, which is a significant number so that it can cleanse all the air within a big-sized room in just 10 minutes.


Xiaomi air purifier pro has three filters with different workings and capabilities, which cleanse the air as much as possible. Let’s get into details about what these filters offer?

Plastic mesh

It is the first step of filtration that traps large particles like dust, hairs, and wool. The filter of the Xiaomi air purifier is also cylindrical like its body, so the outermost layer is the plastic mesh.

HEPA filter

The second layer of this air purifier’s filter is the HEPA filter sandwiched between plastic mesh and an activated carbon filter. This layer removes 99.7 percent of microparticles such as bacteria, allergens, and viruses larger than 0.3 microns. HEPA is a standard set by the U.S Department of Energy DOE; this standard is defined for the companies manufacturing air purifiers.

Activated Carbon Filter

The active carbon filter is the third and innermost layer of this filtration process. It contains finely powdered form carbon, which catches the foul odours and food smell and adds a welcoming fragrance to the air.

Operational modes

Xiaomi air purifier pro offers four different operational modes.

Auto mode

Xiaomi air purifier contains a built-in air quality detection sensor and a temperature monitoring sensor. At the same time, in auto mode, it senses the room temperature, humidity level, and the quality of air and then adjusts the settings according to it automatically. It also contains a light sensor that enables the sleep mode when detecting low light.

Sleep mode

When you enable the sleep mode, the fan’s speed decreases, and the purifier starts working quietly so you can have a night of uninterrupted and joyful sleep. Moreover, sleep mode automatically activates in auto mode when it detects dim lights.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode is helpful when some guests are around the corner, and you need to cover the foul odors and rotten food smell instantly, it speeds up the cleaning process; however, in turbo mode, the power consumption and noise production are also enhanced with performance.

Favorite mode

You can adjust all the settings manually and set them as your favorite mode so you can swap to your favorite settings just by tapping on favourite mode from your mobile application.

Air Quality Indicators

Xiaomi air purifier pro can detect air quality instantly and indicate it with the help of different colours on the OLED display.

  1. Red light: High Pollution
  2. Green Light: Low Pollution
  3. Blue light: Clean Air

OLED display

There is an OLED display on the front of the Xiaomi air purifier pro; this display is conducive to showing the current figures. It communicates with the user making the air purifier more convenient to use. It displays the following information.

  • Room temperature
  • Humidity level
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Air Quality
  • Current mode

Child protection lock

This air purifier has a child safety lock; the air purifier shutdowns automatically when someone accidentally removes the grill. This feature is suitable for those who have little kids in their homes.

Smart App control

You can control and monitor your air purifier’s operation with the help of an app available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

  • Different modes are available
  • You can monitor the air quality.
  • Reminds you to change the filter
  • You can turn ON/OFF the air purifier.

Conclusion with pricing

We have discussed almost every aspect of the Xiaomi air purifier pro; we recommend you upgrade to it because it provides all the features that other companies offer with a comparatively high CADR and more extensive coverage area. Xiaomi air purifier pro is priced around 220$, which is not on the higher side.

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